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"After the Rain"

After the Rain


After the rain dark clouds swept across the
eastern mounains and were gone,
leaving the gentle warmth of the sun to
touch upon the tips of watery pines,
and dry the crystal drops hung suspended
from each needle like an ornament.
While the only sound I heard within the
forrest was misty water falling from the

trees, and birds, shaking out the dampness
from  their feathers, After the Rain.

~Sharon Elaine Hurst Ames 



A Limited Edition Gliclee' or lithograph printed on
neutral pH, fine art paper.

Limited Edition Gliclee' of 100
Image Size 9 1/2" x 31 3/4"

Limited Edition of 100

Order your Limited Edition Gliclee' of
"After the Rain" for $100.00


Signed Only Decorator Print
Image Size 6 1/4 x 21"

Order your Signed Only Print of
"After the Rain" for $25.00






About Giclee's

Glicee' Prints are State of the Art Reproductions
utilizing computer high resolution scans.

Proofing is done to match the colors, tones and
details of the original artwork exactly.
An IRIS printer reproduces the image, using
only the finest watercolor papers and inks.
A single print can take over an hour to produce.
The results are a wonderful reproduction
on wtercolor paper which is hard to
distinguish from an original.


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