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"Above the Mist"

Above the Mist


  From the hills came the echo of a sad song~ 
On a spent day filled with shadow and dusk
with bobcat voices in the dark.
A wild song played to the tune of
pine boughs swaying,
Keeping dancers' time with the wind.

~Sharon Elaine Hurst Ames 

  Just before dawn on a new Summer morning,
tendrils of gray fog unwind themselves from
the pines ~ where they crept the night before ~
and rise up toward the sun.
Even Spring has fallen under a ghostly spell
just before the sunrise, but when the first
sunlit fingers of dawn stretch over the eastern
ridges, all eeriness disappears
in the birth of a new day.

Indeed, it is a time when all mankind should
venture out into the wilderness.
To sit among nature's bounty on a
high rock slope with mountains stretching
endlessly, toward the sky.
A time to sit in silence, listening to the voices of
the mountains.  The sounds of the wind high
upon the ridges, drawn across the firs like a bow
upon violins, or the windless glide of a hawk,
borne upon the mists of a Smokies morning.


Terri Waters, depicts this perfect Summer day
for us to enjoy in her print entitled
"Above the Mist".
Bring the beauty of this limited edition print into

your home and return throughout all eternity
to a Smokies Summer ~ Above the Mist.


A Limited Edition lithograph print
on fine watercolor paper.


Limited Edition Lithograph of 600
Image Size 22 1/2" x 17"

Limited Edition of 600

Order your Limited Edition of
"Above the Mist" for $75.00


Signed Only Decorator Print
Image Size 9 1/4" x 7 1/4"

Order your Signed Only Print of
"Above the Mist" for $20.00




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