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  A Gatlinburg, Tennessee native,
  Terri Waters expresses her visions
  of the Great Smoky Mountains
  National Park in each of her

  A Fine Arts graduate of the
  University of Tennessee, Terri
  prefers watercolor for capturing
  subtle details and the nuances
  of light and shadow.

In all of her works, she uses the inspiration of the Smoky
Mountains. A land of mountain hugging clouds, of cool
showers drifting among the forested peaks, of misty sunrises
and hazy sunsets. A land of hidden coves filled with wildflowers
and valleys isolated from the outside world.

Living in such beautiful surroundings, she views the changing
seasons with wonder. The only constant being the mountains,
layer upon layer, stretching one after the other to disappear
into the horizon. Through her art, she has captured pioneer
homes and farms, picturesque landscapes and the many
wildflowers abundant in the Smokies.

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