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"A Winter Vigil"
The Becky Cable House

A Winter Vigil

Beyond a snow-covered fence,
the Becky Cable House silently stands
in "A Winter Vigil".

Built over 100 years ago,
the house is part of a pioneer
community known as Cades Cove.

Through Cades Cove there lies the spirit
of the people who once put their hands
upon it's wild valley, shaping it
for a season, then disappearing
inot the mists of time.

No families live in the cove now,
only the buildings remain,
as a silent testimony to a time gone by.


A signed and numbered edition on
neutral pH, fine art paper.


Limited Edition Lithograph of 700
Image Size 12 1/2" x 23 3/4"

Order your Limited Edition of A Winter Vigil for $65.00

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